Hiya guys, so after my instagram poll of what you guys wanted next, it was a little bit about my own wedding that won.

I can't quite believe it's my turn next year to get married.... EEEKKK. I'm so so excited it's hard to put into words.

Photographing so many amazing weddings makes my wedding planning just a little easier as i'm surrounded by inspiration, so thank you to all the brides and grooms I have been secretly gathering ideas from hehe.

So I thought I'd share my Save The Dates with you guys ( scroll down for the photo ) As well as my photography I also work 4 days a week doing graphic design - something I really enjoy, another creative avenue which i just love. I'm actually starting to gather a little portfolio of design work - to offer invites, save the dates and all other wedding design bits and bobs which is exciting.

So our wedding.... I've taken it upon myself to take on all the design work.

Think signs, place names, invites and lots of fun surprise things... It's a lot but i'm actually having so much fun.

Wedding designing top tip

It's also a super good cost saver with me doing design work, so if you do have any background in Indesign / Illustrator / Photoshop I would highly recommend having a go yourself, get that YouTube tutorial on and have a little go.

I like to use things like Pinterest and Instagram for visual inspiration.

Our save the dates & how I made them...

So I made our save the dates on 2 softwares: Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator.

Things that are important - colour theme & font. Both are great insights to themes of your wedding.

The main invite PDF on Indesign and I drew the illustrations by hand on Illustrator. So cool, basically digital drawing - LOVE so much creative freedom.

Okay so I will be sharing some more things as we continue planning but I wanted to share with you guys some very initial design work. This is definitely something i will be looking into including as an Add On for packages in the future....

Have a great week!

Kelly xxxxx